SEM Rush Daily Vs Monthly Visitors

by Will Blears

SEM Rush Daily Vs Monthly Visitors

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

Update: SEM Rush staff ‘Anastasia’ has confirmed that SEM Rush is in fact tracking monthly and not tracking daily. Please read below for more information.

Please read: this is not supposed to come across as me being a d**k or trying to outshine or call out anyone. It’s simply meant for this Facebook group and basically a way of trying to reduce the amount of misinformation that beginners soak up when entering this market…I know as I’ve been there, you are inundated with information and it’d be useful to make sure everything you learn is correct.

P.S: If I come across as arrogant, I am sorry – not sure how to change that – had very little sleep and wrote this as a breather from what I’ve been working on for the last 18 hours.

Dun dun durrrrr.

The question we have all been pondering. Is SEM Rush’s organic traffic data daily statistics or monthly statistics?

Finally, the mystery has been solved.

OK, enough of that – I’ve always considering SEM Rush organic traffic data to be reporting on a monthly basis, however I’ve heard in the past that people had thought it was daily and I generally just ignored it. Yet, recently both Spencer, Perrin and a bunch of others begun to say it was daily which got me wondering, was I wrong…all of those years spent analysing data and I was making a rookie error.

So, I began to make an investigation in to whether it was daily or monthly since the SEM Rush interface it’s self is pretty poor at explaining this.

Let’s begin with – the evidence clearly supports the argument for SEM Rush reporting monthly statistics not daily and evidence is below…

This is starting to sound like an episode of Suits…I will try and change the tone now.

SEM Rush Organic Interface

SEM Rush Organic Traffic Daily Vs Monthly

In the little black box it says:

The number of users expected to visit the website in the following month on condition that average monthly organic traffic stays relatively the same.

For SEM Rush is saying it receives 317 million visitors per month from organic traffic. To support this, let’s take a look at Similar Web:

Similar Web Vs SEM Rush

Before you begin to get lost, this is just the overall amount of traffic receives monthly based on Similar Web data.

The next shows the channel attribution for Search, then split by organic and paid:

Similar Web Vs SEM Rush Organic Traffic

For the sake of this post, let’s just say 25% of the 1.1 billion visitors that Similar Web is reporting come from Organic Search, that would be 275 million visitors which isn’t too far from SEM Rush’s prediction of 317 million.

I know it’s 42 million visitor difference which is probably more than everyone who reads this monthly visitors for all of our websites combined…but in the field of data and analytics at this level a 15% margin is pretty darn good.

So far we have highlighted that SEM Rush says their traffic is monthly and when compared to Similar Web it’s a 15% difference in traffic from organic search.

Next, let’s have a look at that darn graph on SEM Rush which I think is the main cause of this mass confusion.

SEM Rush Organic Traffic Chart

The graph above is a breakdown of month by month traffic for taken from SEM Rush. You will notice that the graph highlights November as receiving 318 million visitors.

SEM Rush Daily Chart

The next chart is again from SEM Rush for and is a snapshot of traffic by day for a month. This is where SEM Rush confuses people I think, the chart shows daily traffic of 316 million visitors, which is crazy. Basically, SEM Rush should just get rid of the daily breakdown as it’s well serving no purpose except to confuse and trick people.

Question: If SEM Rush was reporting visitors daily, then why would the month total equal the same as the daily

Food for thought: If the daily breakdown was correct, that would mean approximately 100% of the US population visits Amazon every single day.

OK, so far we have highlighted that SEM Rush says their traffic is monthly and when compared to Similar Web it’s a 15% difference in traffic from organic search. As well as the fact that SEM Rush’s month by month chart and daily chart show the same number of visitors.

Last piece of the puzzle

I couldn’t conclude this without actually talking to SEM Rush themselves as it just wouldn’t be solid and I would hate myself for adding more confusion on the top of what is already out there. I spoke to Anastasia at SEM Rush, who sent me the following E-mail when I asked her this question:

QuestionThe daily chart in the organic traffic section of SEM Rush. Is the number per day or per month?

The estimation of traffic that we provide is a monthly figure, the estimated amount of people who visited the website from the first two pages of Google results for the keywords in our database.

Update: Email reply two, absolutely confirming my thoughts:

The number that you see when you look for a particular date there represents the estimated traffic for the previous 30 days. Hope this is helpful!


By now, I am hoping we all agree that SEM Rush is in fact reporting organic traffic by month and not by day. If not, leave a comment below and I will continue to explore this issue and if needs be go directly to the founder of SEM Rush for an answer!

A couple of points I’d like to make

Whether you thought SEM Rush organic traffic was daily or monthly really doesn’t matter. If I look at a handful of my websites and friends websites the organic data is sporadic, all over the place! For some websites it’s reporting pretty accurate figures and for others it’s completely off the grid by approximately 15 fold.

Also the top section of SEM Rush’s organic interface in my opinion is the least important. If I am hunting for a new market to enter by the time I jump in to SEM Rush I’ve already got pretty strong validation for entering that market in the first place. All I am doing now is competitor analysis to see what keywords my main competitors are ranking for and which pages of their website are the most popular. This is significantly more important than what SEM Rush (or any other tool for that matter) is reporting the organic traffic of the site to be on a monthly basis, because of these two things:

  1. It can be massively inaccurate therefore the data shouldn’t even be applied to ‘whether or not you enter a market’.
  2. You have the monthly search volumes of every keyword right below this first metric in SEM Rush which is based on significantly more accurate data (Google’s own).

Next time you are doing market research or keyword research take SEM Rush (or any other tools) overall site traffic prediction with a tiny pinch of salt and instead focus your research around keywords, competitor pages and the overall market as a whole.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions or wants to point out where I am wrong then just post below.

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. A nice insight into semrush data, I always thought those are daily visitors. And to put some light on to your findings, in semrush we filter the traffic as per specific country google searches. So all other countries google searches also impact your over all web traffic. And what I got is, for almost all my sites, traffic displayed in semrush are matching daily traffic with a variation of + or – 15%.

    • Yes, it’s quite unclear in SEM Rush and I know a lot of people have struggled to find a conclusive answer. That’s a good point regarding the country specific traffic data, as you quite rightly said SEM Rush looks at country specific google domains. I’ve just checked my data and it’s still not very accurate though, very strange.

  2. Spencer had us reeling when we saw one of our niches was getting 80k visitors a day! 80k per month makes ALOT more sense. So glad the confusion is cleared up. THANK YOU.

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