Niche Site Journal – Week 4

by Will Blears

Niche Site Journal – Week 4

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

amazon niche site journal week 4

Welcome to the fourth week of the Niche Site Journal case study.

Over the past week quite a few of the larger cogs within this business started turning, including ordering the initial 500 units of my Amazon FBA product which is a part of this website. Secondly, getting initial guest posts live including the post on the DA74 website and much more, read all about it below.

Last weeks action plan

  • Continue outreach – looking for contributor accounts, guest posting opportunities.
  • Submit my first article to my DA74 contributor account.
  • Amazon FBA – order my product, research like crazy the next stages to make sure I don’t make any big mistakes.

Wooh! Now I won’t say I’ve completed everything from my action plan since it’s really an on going battle, however I have taken action which is the most important part.

Guest Posting Progress

OK, so I’ve successfully got my first guest post on the DA74 website which is an awesome start! As well as this I’ve begun researching other guest posting opportunities and I am on the look out for additional contributor accounts. As I’ve mentioned before contributor accounts are awesome since you can continue to post on the same website multiple times without having to build a relationship with the owner and it really drives down the amount of time the whole process takes. The issue with this for my niche site is the fact that contributor accounts are few and far between, even the DA74 link I have attained isn’t in the same niche.

The approach I am taking is possibly quite a reverse to what a lot of people do, rather than researching where I can guest post and then writing content for that website. I actually research what type of content I am going to write, the angle I am approaching the guest post from and then find guest posting opportunities in that area.

For example, the DA74 site is a tech website so I chose the angle of looking at my niche site market and writing a post about the evolution of the market from it’s roots to present day and how technology has affected this evolution.

I am using a similar approach for another website (the authority site) and whilst it’s early days the progress looks promising. The main benefits of working this way is that you have content ready to be published, you have the angle and a proposal for the editor or webmaster and you can simply contact them and pitch your idea along with the content which means if they say yes there is no waiting it’s a simple case of publishing the content and hey presto, it’s live!

Other link building activities

Apart from the guest posting I am also having the VA I am testing out doing blog commenting and forum posting however I am vetting absolutely everything first to ensure it’s top quality and not just spam. If it turns out to be spam I will stop doing it, as I hate that sort of crap.

Amazon FBA Progress

Finally the order went through on Friday last week, therefore the manufacturer has begun to manufacture the 500 units, whilst designing the packaging and getting the samples I’ve requested ready to send across. I’ve asked for additional samples of the finished goods for a few reasons. Mainly to inspect the finished product but also because I will be getting a video developed for the product and will also be doing additional photography for use on the website, social and advertising.

The manufacturing should take approximately 10 days and then the shipping (by air) will take between 7 and 9 days which means I should have the product in Amazon’s warehouses by the end of the month. I am very excited about this venture as it’s a completely new area to me and if all goes well I am sure my skill set will compliment the whole Amazon FBA business model.

OK with all that out of the way how does the traffic look, let’s take a peak shall we…

google search console amazon

You will notice I have removed clicks from the graph, the reason being is that I think just confuses the progress that’s being made since our average position is generally too low to generate any decent volume of clicks. I’d like to focus on whats important at this point in time which is impressions because as long as the graph is on an incline then I am doing well. In a few months when the clicks are consistent then I will begin posting a graph with both clicks and impressions.

As you can see from the graph if we compare the start of March with the start of April the increase is approximately triple. At the beginning of March we were hitting about 40 impressions per day where as now we are at 120 impressions.

What’s the plan for next week?

It’s pretty similar to last week’s action points, everything is focused on off-page SEO right now, as you can see below:

  • Continue outreach – looking for contributor accounts, guest posting opportunities I’d like to set a target of at least 5 guest posts approved and to be submitted or already published by next week.
  • Amazon FBA – I need to design what content will be put on to the packaging and give the designer instructions on colours e.t.c / I also need to start getting the product page formatted, content ready / talk with the video guy about how the video will look, feel, what’s the message e.t.c.

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