Niche Site Journal – Week 3

by Will Blears

Niche Site Journal – Week 3

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

niche site journal week 3

This is the third week of the Niche Site Journal case study.

Over the past week I spent a lot of time catching up on work I missed during my ventures in Singapore, also due to me spilling Whisky all over my laptop I was forced to use my old Macbook Pro which just doesn’t quite cut it. If you recall from last weeks action list, I had the following to complete:

  • Start looking for guest posting opportunities, get the content writers creating guest posts ready to submit.
  • Do a bit of blog commenting
  • Do some on page SEO, make sure everything is awesome.
  • Amazon FBA – order my product, research like crazy the next stages to make sure I don’t make any big mistakes.
  • Research additional affiliate networks (a few of the pages on my site are more related to B2B products which Amazon can’t supply so I need to find another affiliate network or establish partnerships directly with certain brands)
  • Implement Google Adsense advertisements within the website (yes it’s an Amazon affiliate website but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t test Adsense)

As you can see from the above, those which have been crossed out I was able to complete. You will notice that the Amazon FBA action point has not been completed. Well, I’ve been discussing with the manufacturer and we’re getting closer to finalising the order, we’re just finalising the total costs (including shipping).

Guest Posting Opportunities

I’ve begun this process, as I have a contributor account at a DA74 magazine I am also going to be putting together a guest post for that website which should most certainly help. To be frank, I am quite the noob when it comes to guest posting…this is the strategy I am currently working on:

To research and highlight websites which offer contributor accounts, then work with the editor/owner to get a contributor account which I can then use over and over again with multiple websites.

The reason I am focusing on this rather than looking for individual guest posting opportunities is simply down to the time it takes. If I can spend equal amount of time getting a contributor account which I can then post multiple times to, it will be more beneficial for me.

However, having said that…

I am also testing Virtual Assistants who are assisting in creating lists of relevant guest posting opportunities (actual guest posts, not contributor accounts) so the strategy is more two-fold.

I am hoping by next week to have the guest post published on the DA74 site and to have at least a 3-5 more in the pipeline.

Blog Commenting

Now, this isn’t a strategy I am overly fond on…in my opinion it’s a really old school technique which has seen it’s day and it’s very often misused as a strategy for building links. The way I do this is quite simple, I only comment on blogs/websites which are high quality, publish fantastic content and have already an established community discussing the article. I don’t comment for the sake of commenting and I always try and get a dialogue going, whether it be with the administrator/writer/author or fellow readers. I also only link to my home page and usually use my authors name as the anchor text, none of that keyword crap…

On Page SEO

I love on-page SEO, I’ve found it to be so effective but only when you have an excellent link building strategy in place. The amount of times I’ve analysed my SERPs and noticed one of my sites pages hanging on page 2 or 3 for a keyword, then I’ve gone in and done a little on-page SEO (adding header tags, changing header tags, alt tags, analysing the competition and bolstering my content) and a week or so later I’ve shift 5 or more positions, it happens very frequently. Interestingly, I thought I was alone in doing this approach, but I noticed Josh over at NicheSiteAzon does exactly the same (he obviously copied me…).

This is a quick check list of what I do for my on-page SEO & when initially setting up my site:

  • About, Privacy, Contact, Terms & Disclosure Pages
  • HTML Sitemap (usually placed in the footer)
  • XML Sitemap (usually use Yoast SEO and submit this to Google Search Console)
  • Meta Tags (title, description tags)
  • Alt Text Images (always ensuring I add alt text to my images, usually the main keyword then variants of this)
  • Header Tags (one and only one H1 tag, multiple H2 & H3 e.t.c tags)
  • Keyword Highlight (I always highlight my keyword or a variant of it within the first paragraph of text with either bold, italic or underline…it’s a really old technique which I doubt does anything any more but I still do it)
  • Table of contents (I always add a table of contents linking to each of the main sections of the page)

Most importantly, I make the pages look sexy…

Yes, sexy…as in they look aesthetically pleasing and they make the reader feel happy and it does not have the opposite effect of making the reader want to vomit.

OK, now we have all that out of the way, let’s take a look at week on week traffic statistics.

Below is a snapshot of last weeks Search Console activity:

So, for a 2 week old site it’s not too bad, unfortunately no sales as of yet though. Now let’s look at week 3:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.25.27

We can see a steady increase week on week, as long as the graph shows an incline I am a happy boy…now I am talking specifically about impressions and not clicks.

You might be thinking, but why Will…why do you care about impressions when you need clicks?

Good thinking – the reason is it’s a brand new website, so I highly doubt I will get many clicks considering my average position within the SERPs is 63.5 (across the board). Therefore, what we do want to focus on initially is:

  • Impressions – monitor impressions and ensure there is a week on week incline.
  • Search Queries – monitor how many queries the website is appearing for and ensure that continues to increase.

What’s the plan for next week?

As I have now finished the on-page SEO (for now at least) I will focus all of my efforts on off-page SEO, as mentioned before the contributor accounts, guest posts, training/hiring virtual assistants to assist and finally, I will hopefully make my initial Amazon FBA order.

  • Continue outreach – looking for contributor accounts, guest posting opportunities.
  • Submit my first article to my DA74 contributor account.
  • Amazon FBA – order my product, research like crazy the next stages to make sure I don’t make any big mistakes.

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. Hey Will, just wandering if the DA 74 site is a general site or a niche-focused site. And, how do you go about securing contribution accounts on these large sites? How do you go about researching and pitching them specifically? Thanks for your time!

    • Hey Shaun, thanks for dropping by!

      The DA74 site is a tech related website, it wasn’t relevant to the site at all to be honest but I crafted an article which looked at the evolution of said product from it’s existence to nowadays and how technology had played an important role in that evolution. That is pretty much how I pitched it as well, what I’ve started doing for guest posts is crafting the guest posts before I’ve even researched where to submit the guest post, this way I have the angle and content ready so I can then begin to find a perfect fit for the content. The benefit of this is that you have a focus for what to look out for regarding guest posting opportunities and secondly you can actually pitch the content/angle directly to the editor/webmaster which means if they like the sound of it everything goes a whole lot quicker!

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