Niche Site Journal – Revenue Update – Month 7

by Will Blears

Niche Site Journal – Revenue Update – Month 7

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

niche site journal amazon revenue

As part of the Niche Site Journal I have begun recording the monthly performance of revenue, organic traffic and SERPs and will begin to publish these here for everyone to see.

Revenue Performance

I’ve been monitoring the revenue from Amazon, monthly since the website launched in March/April 2016. I would recommend that everyone does this, it helps to track your success, makes forecasting and investing easier and lastly it will help if and when you come to sell the web property.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Monthly Revenue

As you can see from the graph above, the revenue has been increasing since June 2016 when the site had zero sales, unfortunately, the growth from August to September was negligible, with only a $6 increase. However, I believe October’s performance should hit at least $100 and the site will hit $500 by December 2016.

August vs. September Organic Traffic Performance

Next, let’s compare the performance of impressions and clicks from August to September.

August – Search Console Performance

amazon affiliate site organic traffic

September – Search Console Performance

amazon affiliate site organic traffic proof

As you can see from the two graphs above, the organic traffic was very consistent month on month which correlates with the revenue comparisons. The reason we didn’t see much organic growth in September is difficult to pinpoint, I imagine it’s due to the fact that the keywords I am targeting are quite competitive and will take at least one more month before we see some significant gains.

Interestingly, you can see that on the last day of September there was a significant increase in average positions and clicks, the average position moved from 21.9 to 18.5, hopefully this will increase in to October.

This is all for today, as I mentioned this is just a monthly revenue update for the Niche site case study, please also check out my Authority site case study here.

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  1. I think this is incredibly inspirational. I just read your NichePursuits article and it shows that it does take a look of work to build a niche site.

    I have a question how many of these sites do you build at the same time, or do you work on one site at a time.

    Also do you outsource the writing?

    • Thanks Paulo, I appreciate your kind words.

      Hmm I usually have about 3 sites at each stage, for example:

      – 3 Sites at 3 months
      – 3 Sites at 6 months
      – 3 Sites at 9 months

      Although to be honest its hard to keep to a specific plan ha.

  2. Hey will,,

    Just a quick one: did you just create the 30 pages of content in the beginning and nothing more afterwards?

    Cheers and looking forward to the next reports


    • Hi Atti,

      Yes exactly, I created all the content initially (well I didn’t, the writer did) and then I added it and published it all at once. I’ve not added any content ever since then, I will begin to add more content once the site starts getting a bit more leverage.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hello Will,

    I’m glad to visit this site. Since this page talks about niche site which is in the same situation of me that building a niche site as well, I feel I got another great blueprint here. You are great, man. Congratulation! My blog is created first in early February and does not have any good income in October yet. Unlike you, you run it faster than me.

    God Job, Will. I’ll keep on eye of this project.

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