Niche Site Journal – Month 6

by Will Blears

Niche Site Journal – Month 6

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

amazon niche site journal month 6

Welcome back to the sixth month of the Niche Site Journal case study.

For a few reasons, I chose not to update this journal for the past few months, in fact, the last update was on the 8th May and recapped the second full month of activity for the niche site. Apologies for the lack of updates, if you have already read my Authority Project update, you will know why I’ve not updated the site for a while and well I apologise.

However, I am back and this time, we have our 6-month update, for anyone new to building niche sites by the sixth month you really should know whether or not the website is going to be a success or not. By the sixth month, you should should see steady increases in both organic traffic and sales.

Let’s start off by delving into the site’s performance!

Site Performance

The following is a screenshot of Google Analytics traffic month by month filtered by organic traffic only.

niche site amazon journal case study

We launched the website in March 2016 and it has taken 3-4 months for our initial link building activity to begin taking effect, however as you can see over the past two months we’ve begun to see good growth in organic traffic.

amazon affiliate site case study

The above screenshot is taken from Google Search Console and shows the past 90 days performance, as you can see our clicks and impressions have increased significantly month on month. Below you can see the monthly performance:

  • March – 57 organic visitors
  • April – 163 organic visitors
  • May – 216 organic visitors
  • June – 228 organic visitors
  • July – 585 organic visitors
  • August – 1,104 organic visitors

What is responsible for the sudden increase in clicks and impressions?

There are a few specific pages which I was initially link building for; I chose these pages as they were among the easiest pages to rank for my chosen keywords. I knew that it would take 3-4 months to begin ranking for these keywords based on previous experience and Long Tail Pro showed keyword competition of mid 20’s for the majority of keywords on these pages.


This is an example of one page which I’ve been targeted with off page SEO; you can also see another one below which shows even larger growth.


A handful of pages show very similar results, and when I analyse the search console performance I can see multiple keywords for each page which have an increase in the average position leading to an increase in impressions and clicks.

I know what you are wondering now, well how has all this impacted my Amazon earnings? Well, let’s take a look!

Amazon Earnings Performance

The Amazon earnings have been increasing month on month as expected, after I received the first Amazon sale in early May, as discussed in the previous Niche Site update.

  • Amazon March Statistics: 5 clicks
  • Amazon April Statistics: 23 clicks
  • Amazon May Statistics: 36 clicks and 4 orders = $14.95
  • Amazon June Statistics: 33 clicks and 1 order = $1.60
  • Amazon July Statistics: 101 clicks and 9 orders = $28.80
  • Amazon August Statistics: 180 clicks and 31 orders = $63.59
  • Amazon September Statistics: 123 clicks and 20 orders = $31.15 – as of 19th September 2016

It has taken 2 months (March & April) to begin generating sales, by early May I received the first order and every month afterwards the site consistently generated orders. You may be looking at June and thinking wow, that sucked! Yes it did, but these things do happen and we just continue going, as I always say persistence is the key to success.

From July onwards to correlate with the uptick in visitors our earnings began to increase also, looking at this month we should be in line with last month’s performance and then we go into the last quarter of the year, the biggest quarter of the year so I am hoping to hit $500 by December 2016 for this site.

What have I been working on over the past four months?

Since the last update, you may be wondering what I’ve been doing to the website for it to grow so much and for it to begin generating a consistent monthly income. Well, to tell you the truth I’ve not touched the website at all, except for logging in to WordPress and checking everything is up to date, adding a few new plugins including Litespeed Web Server as part of my server upgrade, I’ve done very little on-page SEO as this was all done during the initial month of setting the site up.

Instead, my focus has been on link building and sorting out the Amazon FBA side of the business.

  • Outreach – obviously this will continue, I want to get articles published on all of the contributor accounts I have. Also, want to begin seeing some results from the two systems I have running.
  • Press Releases – I will submit a press release or two for the site.
  • Amazon FBA – hopefully next month’s update will include something like “and we’re live on Amazon…” or at least we’ll be very, very close.

Above is what I was supposed to be working on since the last update, so let’s go through this one by one.


Admittedly this has been a slow process, mainly because my time has been significantly divided over the past few months, as many of you will know I was traveling during the month of July and August, so this site was one of my last priorities. I’ve not done any outreach during this time, I have had a virtual assistant help with basic SEO such as blog commenting, forum commenting e.t.c which I doubt has helped massively, but when it comes to getting larger authority links these basic links will help keep the link diversity.

Press Releases

I have managed to submit a press release last month for the website and I will be following that up this month with an additional press release which will also get the bolted on service which means the site will be submitted to Yahoo. I do this simply due to the fact that it increases the sites exposure and backlinks from Yahoo, they are no follow however, I am a firm believer in these type of authority links still having a positive impact, especially on relatively new websites.

Amazon FBA

Finally, the product is live on Amazon! It has taken so many months, going back and forth with the manufacturer to finalise the product, branding, packaging e.t.c but I got there in the end. Now the product is live on, it’s a very competitive market and this is my first FBA product so things are slow though. I’ve just begun adding the product to various review websites to generate additional reviews for the product, then the plan is to launch an Amazon PPC campaign. Meanwhile, I am promoting the product via HelloBar on the website, directing visitors straight to my Amazon product page in an effort to drive a few sales each month.

Next steps…

OK, firstly let me mention that I may continue to do monthly updates for this case study however, I may also decide to just do quarterly updates. The reason being is that there isn’t enough work being done on the site each month which means the monthly updates would merely be a site performance update. If you are interested in hearing how the site is doing each month then let me know in the comments section below!

More outreach, PR & hire some help…

The focus is really on building higher quality, authoritative links from relevant websites. Now, I can’t do this alone so the next steps are to find people that can help me with this. I am currently looking on PeoplePerHour & UpWork, I will continue to look for someone who has experience with outreach, can speak fluent English and also has experience in writing high quality content.

Amazon FBA

For the Amazon FBA side of the business the focus here is to generate more customer reviews and then to launch the PPC campaign, I still need to learn a lot about Amazon as a platform for selling and how their BSR algorithm works so there will be a lot of my own time spent on learning.

That’s all for this month, I do hope you find these case studies useful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. Awesome Will!!! Keep going 🙂 I guess once Nov-Dec comes in the numbers will be much higher. All the best for the FBA venture. Is it the first time you are trying FBA?

    • Thanks Russell!

      Yeah this is the first time doing FBA, so it’s pretty interesting but also a new learning curve.

      Bring on October, November & December should be big months for us all!

  2. Nice angle your entering instead of finding blogs to guest post, going all in for contributor accounts on high DA sites is the way to go atleast that is how I think it is.

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