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What’s happening with One Mans Brand?

onemanbrands plans

You may be wondering what is happening with One Mans Brand, after what started as a pretty successful launch in February the content and activity declined to a big fat zero and I apologise for that. Please allow me to explain my plans for OMB.

30 days to make a sale case study

The 30 days to make a sale case study has unfortunately been pushed to the bottom of my to do list due to clients & sites that I am working on and simply down to the fact that the 30 day case study was actually more time consuming than I initially expected. Planning and writing the content and also creating and publishing the videos daily was an unrealistic expectation for me to succeed with over a 30 day period.

Therefore, the 30 day case study will be completed but more as a ‘go to guide’ for setting up a new niche site rather than an actual real-time case study, I will of course update with the progress of the site that was going to be a part of that case study as it’s just about to be launched and it will still be a 30 day case study, as the site has only just gone live this week. So, watch this space!

What else am I working on?

The idea of OMB is to be a sort of go to for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketeers and general online advertisers, a source of inspiration, motivation and education. However, I made a big mistake with the first case, putting me under so much pressure to publish daily updates which were both interesting and educational was quite a lot of pressure especially with my other businesses.

I have learnt to not ever again start a case study where I have to publish daily, instead I will be only doing weekly and monthly case studies where I can have time to actually create the content for the updates.

With this being said I actually have a few interesting projects running right now which I think would be great examples for new case studies, therefore I have decided to launch two new ‘follow along’ type case studies one which will be updated weekly and the other monthly. These are:

Niche Site Journal (weekly updates)

onemansbrand niche site journal

Similarly to the 30 day case study this will be focused around a new niche Amazon affiliate website I have been setting up over the past two to three weeks. Each week I will discuss what I’ve been working on that week, the plans for the next week, forecasts and how far I am to achieving goals as well as highlighting any learnings, mistakes and so on.

You can follow this case study right here.

Authority Site Project (monthly updates)

onemansbrand authority project

Personally this is my most exciting project I’ve ever worked on and by far the biggest. This case study will follow my journey to developing a website which will not only help to revolutionise the way in which people shop online but also it is my seven figure project.

What I mean by that is, that I fully expect this website to be worth seven figures within the next two years and I have big plans including an initial £25,000 loan to help launch the website as well as pay for phase 2 of the website build (phase 1 is already completed and the site has had a soft launch).

After I’ve proven the concept I will then seek outside investment of £150,000 through a UK government scheme called SEIS and then if all goes well a second level of investment under the EIS scheme.

This project will be updated monthly as there are a lot of moving pieces in this project and right now I am in the process of getting the initial business loan so the website is currently just floating around in the web, finding it’s place within Google’s SERPs.

You can follow this case study right here.