Authority Site Project – Month 2

by Will Blears

Authority Site Project – Month 2

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

amazon authority site project

Welcome back to the second month of the authority site project.

If this is the first time you are reading about the authority site project then check out our first post which explains the strategy and the long term goals, you can read it right here.

OK first things first, let’s see how we did in March, in my first post I had forecast 500 visitors and $50 in revenue and this is what we did:

  • March organic visitors: 529
  • March revenue: $12.95

So, I was absolutely on the money in regards to the forecasted visitors…however I am not at all on the money (pun intended) when it came to the revenue, a pitiful $12.95 is a whopping $37.05 behind my target. This month has to bring bigger and better results than that…

I’ve been analysing my on-site performance in regards to the actual engagement of visitors to ensure they are actually sticking around, reading the content and absorbing it. I’ve also taken a look at the amount of clicks I had through Amazon to ensure that is in line with what I’d expect, here are the results:

  • Amazon Clicks: 120
  • Pages/Session: 1.75
  • Average Session Duration: 56 seconds

OK, so the amount of Amazon clicks isn’t too bad – 529 visitors and 120 clicks is 22% which is slightly below what’d I’d expect from a niche site (30% and above). However, as we know this is not a niche website and the type of traffic we are driving from organic in the early days is rather sporadic, all over the place – product names, best xxx and xxx review and not all of the pages have content yet so it kind of makes sense.

Right, now this is out of the way let’s see how we did on our action plan.

Last Months Priorities and Action Points

  • Continue the loan application which includes quite a bit of administration and legwork

I’ve spoken to my business advisor and this is unfortunately on hold until I get back to the UK which is in about 1 months time, this is when I will be able to finish the administration and get the application submitted.

  • Continue building contributor accounts & guest posting

I’ve successfully published a post on the DA74 tech site I mentioned in my niche site journal as well as this I’ve added the site to an earlier article I posted on a DA52 webiste and I’ve also acquired a link on another DA52 website. As well as this I’ve just this week published my first press release so I hope that will help progress it’s been submitted and approved to 350 news outlets and it’s been received by another 10 of the best news outlets but I am waiting to hear back as to whether or not it’s newsworthy enough to be published there, it’s probably unlikely at this stage.

  • Get the developer to tweak the category pages so we can add a few paragraphs of unique content for SEO purposes

This hasn’t been completed yet as I am working with a new developer and we’re currently focused on another project at the moment but this will be completed very soon.

  • Fine tune the entire marketing strategy which includes press releases so once the loan is approved we can launch

OK so as I mentioned above the loan is on hold until I am back in the UK and the press release, well I couldn’t wait any longer ha.

What else is going on with the project?

There is plenty being done or in the pipe lines with this project, here are a few things below.

Domain Authority Update

Yes there was a domain authority update and generally speaking I don’t really care about this however as this is a brand new website I was intrigued to see what the update brought. Well, we went from a domain authority of zero to a domain authority of…

domain authority update

Yes of those 3 domain names I mentioned above we have moved to a DA of 12, so I guess that’s what 3 powerful links gets you.

SERP Rankings

OK so this is very interesting…

Whilst the website is completely brand new, the domain name is brand new – as in it’s never been built on before or had links built to it or anything like that, the SERPs are actually incredibly good for some very competitive keywords. Check out the snaps below:

Organic Keywords

I am using AHREFs as well as Google’s Search Console to keep an eye on the SERP performance, the screenshot below is from AHREFs position explorer.

ahrefs position explorer tool 2

As you can see the website is now ranking for more than 2,000 keywords and to break this down further:

  • 2,087 keywords have less than 1,000 searches per month
  • 22 keywords have between 1,000 – 10,000 searches per month
  • and a lonely 1 keyword has over 10,000 searches per month

Now this might sound pretty normal but then look at the following, this I didn’t expect – there are 60 keywords with a position between 1-20…now to me that is pretty awesome for a brand new website with only 3 backlinks. What’s even more interesting is that Long Tail Pro has calculated these keywords competition scores as high as 36, see the screenshot below which is filtered to only show keywords which are ‘best xxxxx’ related

long tail pro comparison screenshot

OK so from the above you can see that a few of these keywords have pretty high keyword competitive scores, the sort of scores which I’d usually predict would take between 3-6 months and here I am ranking within 1 month and to top it all off all of these pages have zero content, yes zero just a product comparison table at the moment.

To take this a step further, check out this awesome little graph from Google’s search console:

google search console screenshot

And according to Google’s Search Console there are more than 200 queries with an average position of 200 and below. Also, at this point in time I am ranking 27th for a keyword with a LTP competitive score of 35 and this keyword has 2,900 searches per month.

So, to summarise from what I can see Google is pleased with my website so far – you will notice the search console graph below shows the impressions and clicks flat-lining this is mainly due to the fact no additional content has been added. As I mentioned earlier I am waiting for my loan to start adding content to the website, however I am becoming impatient and may start to pay for this out of my savings and then reimburse myself when the loan comes through.

Month of April Priorities & Action Points

  • Test writers with sample pages of content of approximately 2,000 words each, this is so I can find decent writers in time for getting the loan approved which is when I will be investing upwards of £5,000 on content within the first month.
  • Continue guest posting / finding contributor accounts – I have a list of about 10 sites which I have the potential of guest posting / contributing to and a handful of sites which I’ve already confirmed that there is a guest posting opportunity I just need to get the content written for these as I am doing most of them myself to begin with.
  • Phase 2 design brief – whilst I am not yet ready to begin phase 2 of the website development I want to keep working on the design brief so as soon as the loan comes through I can begin that.
  • Competitor Analysis – each month I am analysing my competitors, working on strategies to take forward for both establishing this as a brand and also outranking my competitors which means also getting links everywhere that they have established links.
  • Statistical Data Learning – as this website is powered by an algorithm I am trying to learn more about statistical analysis, data analysis and all of that jargon – I’ve been talking with a statistical engineer who will be working on phase 2 of the algorithm as I am not happy with the results from the initial algorithm I had developed.

That’s all I can think of – I am pretty sure there is a load more stuff but lets just leave it here for today – any thoughts, questions, feedback or what not just comment below!

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. Amazing results. Following you here from Slovenia.
    In case you will not have idea what to write next posts about, maybe you can explain a little bit about how to do you target so many keywords in the same time. This one I still havenmt figured out – although ‘ve been on SEO and content market here in Slovenia for 4 years now.
    Of course, if that can be achieved without payable tools..
    Next – it would be also interesting to see how do you reach out for such strong backlinks and guest posting (are they new and cold contacts) or are you using some contacts from let’s say previous projects.
    I have been working on my small furniture market here in Slovenia fro 2 years… and my knowledge about increasing serps is now to increase only word by word. When I get one word to top 3 positions, I go to second one.
    Your methods would therefore very much interest me.
    Maybe, if you have time… you can check also my stile of personal (Slovenian SEO) blog about digital marketing, so you can see I am putting a lot of effort in it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Matija, thanks for following and commenting I appreciate it and I hope you find the site useful.

      Your first question is a great question – how do I target so many keywords at the same time? Let me break this down in to an on-page and off-page answer:

      On Page – for each page I have primary keywords to target such as ‘best shaver’ and then I have a varied (10-30) secondary keywords such as ‘best shaver under 50’ which I also want to target. Now, what I try to do here is get the writer to break down the article in to sub-sections which would cover each secondary keyword (if relevant) and these secondary keywords have their own header tags (h2, h3 e.t.c) then what I do is use anchor links to inter-link to each part of the page for each of these keywords.

      Off Page – as for my off page strategy, the anchor text is a mixture of brand relevant or URL relevant links (to keep things natural) and primary/secondary keywords, but I don’t always do this…what I anticipate is that as the strength of my page increases, so will the rankings, as long as I’ve done good on-page SEO and covered each keyword with as much relevant and useful content as possible.

      As for my guest posting / outreach – they are all new contacts and I am using the really old fashioned method of simply google searching ‘keyword + ‘guest post’ or ‘keyword + ‘write for us’ e.t.c

      I think your method is fine, but you just need to make sure your on page SEO is solid, Google is pretty smart, so as long as the content is good, you have the header tags in place and content related to all of your secondary keywords you should start to appear for those queries as well.

  2. Hi,

    I found you from the NSP facebook group. Thanks for sharing as I hope to read all about your journey, and I appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned.


  3. HI Again,

    Being ranked for 2000 terms is amazing. I understand you plan to grow your content, but can you please share what you’ve done so far to rank for that many words?

    Can you give the readers a sense of how many pages you have and approximately how many words on each? Do you only publish 2000+ word posts or do you have some smaller pages with 1k words or even 500 word pages.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yeah of course Leo!

      As of right now I have approximately 200 pages, however that’s not 200 pages of content but instead 200 product recommendation pages with only 30 pages that include 2,500 words of content on each page. The aim going forward is to have at least 25% of my site populated with a minimum of 2,000 words of content, so when I am at 1,000 pages I will have at least 250 pages populated with content.

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