Authority Site Project – Month 12

by Will Blears

Authority Site Project – Month 12

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

authority site project month 12

Welcome back to the twelfth month of the authority site project.

If this is the first time you are reading my authority site project then check out the first post which explains the strategy and the long-term goals, you can read it right here.

Apologies for the delay in writing this, as most people will be aware there have been lots of changes taking place throughout the month of March, Amazon changing their commission structure being one of the biggest. Fortunately, we were able to get a decent month of revenue in the bag before those changes went into action.


In February I managed to generate $3,472.07 in commission from Amazon Associates, a slight reduction from January which generated $4,777.15 however, I am still happy with the progress.

PPC Costs

If you have been following this case study you will know that for the past few months I’ve been actively driving traffic via Google Adwords. The cost of this activity in February was $2,179.93 which brings my net commission (after PPC costs) to $1,292.14.

PPC Activity Metrics for February

In February the PPC campaign generated a total 25,113 clicks compared to 36,905 clicks in January 2017. This reduction in clicks and cost ($3,179.94 – $2.179.93) directly impacted the total commission I generated. The main reason that PPC activity reduced so much was due to me hiring a web developer and beginning work on the second phase of the site design and backend development. As well as the fact the site is running like dog shit right now, it’s awfully slow and just a heap of shit ha.

It’s the 22nd March whilst I write this, trust me – March numbers are down drastically due to how slow the site is, but we can discuss this next month!


You can see from the graph above, whilst commission is down, the cost is down at a similar level as January, therefore our profit margins haven’t been drastically affected by the poor site performance.

SEO Activity

I honestly don’t want to speak about SEO activity right now… it’s not good.

seo traffic authority site project

This graph isn’t up to date, it’s now the 22nd March and this screenshot above is a custom date range to the end of February 2017. As you can see from the above it looks pretty healthy, no huge increases, no huge decreases – consistent growth, as slow as it might be, progress is being made. The average position (green line) is such a shit metric, I really should remove it from these graphs as its very misleading.

The positive from this screenshot is that impressions and clicks are on the up with us seeing a peak on the 26th February 2017 at 285 clicks. During February, I hired a guy to help build authority links from sites like and several other business/tech related sites. Unfortunately, has now switched to no follow, same as HuffingtonPost and many other sites – it appears a lot of big authority sites are switching at the moment.

March Action Plan

  • Link Building – yes more of this, I am currently targeting 6 key pages for ‘best xxxx’ type keywords this includes web 2.0 links, press releases, guest posts and social signals. I am also continuing to build authority links to the home page to help increase the overall site authority & strength.
  • Web Development – the developer has now added a few new backend features which allow me to have more control over the product selection for the comparison pages. Unfortunately for me, I now need to go through 634 pages and manually change every product on every page, that’s 634 pages x 10 products = 6,340 products on a site which is nicknamed turtle because of its speed. It’s just one of those things, for progress to be made, sacrifices need to be made and the sacrifice I am making in this endeavor is definitely time. In March the web developer will begin coding the design, this will take 3-4 weeks due to their being so many different unique elements in the design.

That’s all for this month – just a quick note I have a few random posts I am going to be doing soon, including a very interesting post on how I’ve managed to triple my revenue after Amazon changed their commission structure, so be sure to subscribe to the site and also join our group!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. Hey Will,

    I have a couple of questions about the PPC activity. Can you give us an idea of your bid per click? From the numbers it looks like you’re around $0.10 per click. Since you didn’t get as many clicks as you’d like are you considering increasing the number of phrases that you’re bidding for?

    Is there an article that you detail which keywords you are bidding on? This may be a dumb question, but have you calculated the revenue from organic compared with that of Adwords? For example, I know the total site generated $3472, and that you spent $2179 on traffic so you do know the visitors from adwords contributed at least $2179? If it didn’t are there other reasons like building a following or possibly getting more FB fans? I know you’re a smart guy who has thought through this so I would love to hear your logic on it.



    • Hi Leo, sure – the average CPC is about £0.07 at the moment which is about $0.10 so you are right on it! I am not looking at increasing PPC activity until the new site design is launched, however, once that has been completed I will be looking to expand the number of campaigns I have and also focusing on higher ticket items in the higher commission categories, based on Amazon’s commission updates.

      I haven’t written an article about the PPC activity yet, I might do in the future but not right now. I haven’t calculated the split, it’s incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to do this accurately, what I have done though is calculated the earnings per visitor and then applied this to my campaign performance which gives me an idea.

      I will be looking at social awareness/branding and advertising on FB in the future, however, until the new site design is live I feel the site doesn’t look professional enough to get the positive response I would need via social to becoming profitable.

      Thanks for the questions dude.

    • Hi Tim, good question!

      For this site, I deem authority links to be those from sites like,, e.t.c

      I would have said HP as well a few months ago, but since they are now NF I wouldn’t include them any more.

      Thanks for your question.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering if you notices any dramatic changes in your google positions. As far I know there was an update of google algorithm on 8 march 2017 and it is targeted also in affiliate websites ?

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