7 Six Figure Amazon Affiliate Websites for inspiration

by Will Blears

7 Six Figure Amazon Affiliate Websites for inspiration

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

Last Updated: 4th October 2016

To compliment my 30 days to make a sale case study that I am currently publishing, I thought it’d be useful to highlight a variety of Amazon Associate websites which are making a six figure yearly income. Now, to be clear I don’t know how much revenue these websites are making however, I will be using my experience in the industry to speculate that each website is earning at least $100,000 per year in commission from affiliate revenue.

Take a look at the examples below, bookmark them and use them in your market research, take inspiration from them and perhaps model some of your own affiliate websites of the back of their success.

#1 Consumer Search – www.ConsumerSearch.com

amazon affiliate website examples

Domain Registration year: 1997

Website launched in: 2000

Domain Authority: 69/100

Indexed Pages: 4,320

Acquisition History: Acquired by About.com in May 2007 for $33 million and then sold to iAC in 2013 as part of a larger deal for $300 million.

Monthly Visitors: 1.2 million (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 478,000 keywords

This website is an absolute mammoth and I love it. I first found this website many years ago and ever since I’ve been drawn to it by it’s simplicity. All they do is what the majority of us affiliates do when we setup niche websites, targeting best + review type keywords, they just did it on a mass scale.

Their website design isn’t modern, but it is obviously performing well – take inspiration from this website the next time you are looking to setup a new affiliate website.

#2 The Sweet Home – www.TheSweetHome.com

amazon associates affiliate website

Domain Registration year: 2000

Website launched in: 2013

Domain Authority: 51/100

Indexed Pages: 412

Acquisition History: none

Monthly Visitors: 1.8 million (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 240,000 keywords

The sister site to successful affiliate marketing website thewirecutter, this website has done incredibly well for itself considering how little time it has been. In traffic volume it has surpassed that of our first website, consumersearch.com by 600,000 visitors per month which is incredible.

#3 Gear Patrol – www.GearPatrol.com

amazon affiliate website

Domain Registration year: 2007

Website launched in: 2007

Domain Authority: 60/100

Indexed Pages: 24,800

Acquisition History: none

Monthly Visitors: 2.3 million (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 346,000 keywords

Another favourite of mine is Gear Patrol, on a first glance it might not come across as an affiliate site and instead a magazine style website, however underneath the innocent appearance is a cunning and simplistic way of affiliate marketing. Very little time is spent writing in-depth articles, instead the focus is shifted towards the layout, aesthetics and the high quality imagery to support each affiliate link. Amazed at how far this website has travelled in so little time.

For giggles check out what Gear Patrol looked like back in 2007.

#4 Dog Food Advisor – www.DogFoodAdvisor.com

amazon affiliate site

Domain Registration year: 2008

Website launched in: 2009

Domain Authority: 56/100

Indexed Pages: 8,440

Acquisition History: none

Monthly Visitors: 610,000 (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 132,000 keywords

Probably the most ugly site to enter our top 7 is DogFoodAdvisor, as it looks like it was born out of the 90s I am very surprised it is even continuing to succeed in the SERPs with all the better looking, better executed websites out there. However, some how it still is surviving. This is a prime example of ‘design isn’t everything’ and how an established site can cement it’s place within the SERPs. Also, a pretty interesting market…

#5 Baby Gear Lab – www.BabyGearLab.com

amazon affiliate website example

Domain Registration year: 2010

Website launched in: 2011

Domain Authority: 37/100

Indexed Pages: 1,790

Acquisition History: none

Monthly Visitors: 170,000 (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 132,000 keywords

Sister site to OutdoorGearLab.com, this is a prime example of ‘rinse and repeat’, if you have never heard that phrase in the IM industry then to explain, it basically means finding something that works then doing the exact same again. Every time I look at this site or it’s big brother I can’t help but think they took inspiration from our first example, ConsumerSearch.com either way it seems to be working out for them!

#6 Popular Mechanics – www.PopularMechanics.com

amazon affiliate site example tools

Domain Registration year: 1995

Website launched in: 2011

Domain Authority: 86/100

Indexed Pages: 23,600

Acquisition History: none

Monthly Visitors: 8.4 million (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 132,000 keywords

This is an absolute mammoth website. However, I’d like to point out as you will probably realise once entering the website, it’s not primarily focused around affiliate marketing and Amazon associates. Yet, they have a huge section of reviews and ‘best product’ related pages all of which do incredibly well in the SERPs for some heavy hitting keywords.

Check out how PM looked back in 1999, wow!

#7 Bestcovery – www.Bestcovery.com

amazon affiliate authority website

Domain Registration year: 2007

Website launched in: 2009

Domain Authority: 50/100

Indexed Pages: 7,490

Acquisition History: none

Monthly Visitors: 250,000 (Similar Web data)

Organic Keywords: 166,000 keywords

To finish our 7 examples of six-figure Amazon affiliate websites we have a classic example of an affiliate marketing website. Bestcovery has taken a similar approach to ConsumerSearch.com, focusing on consumer reviews and best product related pages to target the same type of queries. A slightly different web design but a very similar approach.

Bonus Amazon Affiliate Site Examples

The following websites were taken from my weekly Amazon inspiration post on our Facebook Group: One Mans Brand

#1 Amazon Site Inspiration: The Wirecutter (http://www.thewirecutter.com)

Note: Interview with Brian Lam –http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2341588695

Brian Lam, owner of The Wirecutter & The Sweethome (mentioned above) launched his website back in 2011 with the goal of producing the best quality content with in-depth buyer guides based on real product recommendations.

In 2015 the site drove $150 million in E-commerce sales (mostly from Amazon) and averaged 800,000 – 900,000 visitors per month during 2015.

The Wirecutter now generates more than 10 million visitors per month and Brian has more than 60 staff employed in the business. There has never been any outside investment and it was bootstrapped from day 1.

It’s difficult to say how much revenue is being generated from the site right now, but I would guess based on those 2015 figures that he is now generating more than $1.5 billion in E-commerce sales for 2016.

#2 Amazon Site Inspiration: Best Reviews (http://bestreviews.com/)

The second in our Amazon site inspiration series, this week I have another beast of a website which is generating 3.5 million visitors per month, with 61% organic traffic.

The website is constantly being tweaked by their team of developers, personally, I don’t think it’s a very pretty website but I am respectful that they continue to tweak and test with multiple different content layouts.

What’s their angle?

Similar to TheWirecutter, these guys promote the fact that they buy and test the products before writing their reviews. I don’t believe this is the case in all of their reviews, but there is definitely evidence to suggest that they are reviewing at least a handful of their reviews. Their team is now at least 16 people strong, so they are going to be doing some significant growing in the next 12 months I reckon.

From an SEO perspective, they had a really, really effective post a few months ago on the evolution of the office, it was a really cool idea which quickly got around the authority sites like Forbes, Engadget, BBC e.t.c all of which contained backlinks to BestReviews.

They also seem to have some relation to a few Universities, having done multiple joint studies which also helps with their link building efforts.

All in all, a slightly different angle for an Amazon Affiliate, but something which is definitely working for them!

I do hope you found this useful, of course there are hundreds of other examples in multiple markets as well as various language based websites in various countries throughout the world all of which have their own angle for making money online and generating revenue through Amazon Associates.

Please take inspiration from the examples above, plug them into SEM Rush and analyse their data. You never know, you may just stumble across a nugget or two.

If anyone has any requests for content they’d like to see let me know. Any questions just ask below 🙂

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. Nice!
    The Gear Portal before and after example is the most inspirational! 🙂

    How do you know they are making 7 figures? I would assume they are making great profit with all the traffic, have you seen actual number posted somewhere?


    • It’s incredible isn’t it – I also think ‘TheWireCutter’ is amazing (I didn’t mention that site but it’s sister site ‘TheSweetHome’).

      I can calculate just by looking at the range/type of keywords through SEM Rush and by giving the website a very conservative ARV (average revenue per visitor) of $0.03 that the website is indeed making at least six figures yearly.

    • You can go to google and type site:domain.com and when you search it will present you with the total amount of indexed pages 🙂

  2. I’ve very interested in the dog food advisor site you’ve mentioned and have spent sometime in studying it and the learn why they’re so successful. found out from their disclaimer page that they’re not affiliated at all. and they also include a forum, which may be a reason why they’re attracting so much traffic.

  3. Thank you Will, great inspiration!

    Do you have any idea how some of these sites (e.g. Consumer Search) are able to show Amazon prices right on their affiliate links? As far as I know this is a big no-no for Amazon affiliates.

  4. Will thanks. This site is a site I have been looking for. Frankly, I learned more from comments than from the article itself :))

    Rather, what I have been looking for is a regular az affiliate site, made and forget comparison. If you understand, but thanks for that. I know your title says – 7 figures and it is indeed probably hard to make a site and forget about it while making seven figures though 😀

  5. I checked all mentioned Sites in this Post. I believe, they must be making six figure Income, because my own Niche Site, which is only One year two months Old, made last month in November, 2016 US $1987 and that all without spending any money on Ads etc.

    I do hard work for my Site and yes I love to work!!


  6. Thank you for the in-depth review of great Amazon affiliate sites. Maybe you could include what platform the sites are built on (just a suggestion)

      • Hi Mike,
        I have checked your site and it looks great.
        I have recently built AMAZON affiliate based site and starting to add content to it. I will add separate blog too.

  7. Hi!

    What an amazing detailed post on building a niche site that makes good money! Loved the post very much reading till end!

    Thanks for sharing an informative article!

    Keep it up!

  8. Hey One Man’s Brand!

    I just wanted to say thanks for a great list of Amazon Affiliate Websites! I just made my own list of 50 and called out you a special thank you to you for your help with these!

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