276% Increase in daily revenue, thanks to Black Friday – Find out how!

by Will Blears

276% Increase in daily revenue, thanks to Black Friday – Find out how!

by Will Blears

by Will Blears

Black Friday Affiliate Marketing Optimisation

Unfortunately, the sales spike has finally dried out, but it was good, very good!

Today I am going to be discussing the strategies that I implemented for Black Friday that enabled me to hit 276% increase in daily revenue! Before I begin though, it’s important for me to express just how important Black Friday & Cyber Monday are for affiliates. To make this message clear, read the following quote taken from Adobe’s 2016 Black Friday consumer spending report.

Adobe today released its 2016 online shopping data for Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day. More than $5 billion ($5.27 billion) was spent online by the end of Black Friday, a 17.7 percent increase year-over-year (YoY).

Source: i4U – it’s definitely worth reading the entire report

Below there are a handful of strategies that I implemented in preparation for Black Friday and then tweaked for Cyber Monday.

  • HelloBar – if you have never used this before, it’s a free (they have a premium service, but you don’t need it) service which allows you to add banners on to your website with custom messaging and offers. What I did is add the top banner with a message such as ‘Checkout today’s Black Friday deals for crazy discounts on ‘insert product market name’ then you have the button which includes your affiliate link. You can check out HelloBar here!
  • Black Friday deals page – I set up a Black Friday deals page with some placeholder content which discussed potential Black Friday deals, including various brands and had affiliate links going to a filtered Amazon page which was filtered to include only 4+ star products with 10% discounts or above.
  • Black Friday Box – on each of my high traffic pages I added a custom HTML box above the fold which promoted Black Friday deals and asked visitors to click through to check out today’s Black Friday deals.
  • Social Media – I ran a few FB advertisements directing people to my BF deals page and targeted the relevant market through interests, competitor pages, and brands. I monitored this closely and used Google Analytics event tracking segmented by Facebook visitors to see how many users were clicking through to Amazon from Facebook. If I wanted to be even more analytical I could have set up a duplicate BF deals page with a custom tracking ID for FB just for that day.
  • Email Lists – I have a few Email lists from some of my older sites, one of which is about 15,000 users so I wrote a custom E-mail discussing the best Black Friday deals and then sent this out to the users. The links directed them to a best of BF deals page on the site which then promoted relevant deals on Amazon.

Note: I want to make it clear that whilst the above strategies significantly helped drive incremental clicks and conversions. Inevitably the bulk of additional orders and commissions were simply due to the fact it was Black Friday, which always means an increase in organic traffic and therefore an increase in sales. Not even to mention, the fact that most products that visitors are considering purchasing will also be discounted, sometimes heavily… Overall, the strategies I mention are a good addition to what is already going to be a great day of sales, it’s basically a way of optimizing your pages to the best of your abilities.

Don’t leave any money on the table.

Black Friday Results

To be honest, whilst Black Friday gets all the limelight, it’s Cyber Monday which generates the majority of sales.

amazon black friday affiliate optimisation

Note: I calculated my total earnings for these four days as $8,969.78 by calculating the average commission per order as $5.41 based on the shipped items above.

As you can see, Cyber Monday absolutely killed it, in terms of orders, even though clicks were down compared to Black Friday. You may be wondering what did I do to all of the strategies I implemented for Black Friday? Simple, I switched them from ‘Black Friday’ to ‘Cyber Monday Week’, easy!

All of my websites also received spikes in organic traffic, as you can see from the below:

amazon organic traffic affiliate marketing amazon organic traffic affiliate marketing amazon organic traffic affiliate marketing

The important thing to do on Black Friday and the Cyber Monday weekend is to ensure that as many visitors as possible click through to Amazon. That means adding a huge call to action to the top of your page, even if the page looks a little ‘fugly’ for a few days, make that sacrifice to bolster your earnings!

HelloBar results

The HelloBar’s that I setup were also performing considerably better than my standard HelloBars that I have live normally on the sites. Below you can see a screen capture of a summary of performance results from one of my websites Black Friday HelloBar’s compared to the normal bars I have setup.

hellobar amazon affiliate marketing

For the time it takes to set these bars up, it’s so worthwhile. Once visitors land on your website, they’ve instantly presented with an engaging, highly targeted message which usually results in 1-3% of visitors clicking through straight away!

Black Friday deals page results

I created one Black Friday deals page this year for one of my biggest websites, I created it about 1 month before Black Friday so I could try and get the page indexed and ranking as soon as possible. Below are the results for the page, I didn’t do any external linking, I simply added a link in the footer to the page.

amazon associates black friday

To be honest, I was expecting to have more traffic than this, but as you can see from the impressions, the traffic was definitely there. I simply was not ranking high enough for the big keywords, it’s a massively competitive market so its to be expected, next year I will make better preparations. Still, for what took me about an hour to setup, 331 clicks to my page and then additional orders and commissions from Amazon that’ll do me!

How did you do on Black Friday?

I am really keen to hear about the successes that my readers had over Black Friday & Cyber Monday, so please let me know in the comments section below! Also, if you have any questions just let me know!

Entrepreneur and Online Advertising Expert. I have 11 years experience in Online Advertising and currently I am the founder of a boutique Paid advertising agency and Affiliate Marketeer.


  1. I only had a single Blackfriday page and generated $700 with it, the average rank for the page was 8.6. This is like 95% of my earnings on the site, since I have not even ranked it yet so naturally am over the moon

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