2019 Goals

I reflect on the past 12 months and share my goals for 2019.

2019 Goals

I reflect on the past 12 months and share my goals for 2019.

by Will Blears

We shall begin with a reflection of 2018… want to see my 2019 goals click here.

2018 Reflection

Last year was a strange year for me, I sold my largest website in January 2018 for seven figures, a massive milestone to hit which also left a large void in my business and I went through most of 2018 not really knowing what to do or where to go next.

On the one hand, achieving financial freedom through the website sale and knowing that I didn’t have to worry about my finances was a great feeling. At the same time, however, money has always been a large motivator for me and now that I had enough to not worry (at least for a fair few years) that motivation needed to come from somewhere else.

I spent most of 2018 in smallscale turmoil, with lots of emotions flying around – I can easily say it wasn’t my best year, especially from a business perspective. However, by the end of 2018, I’d managed to muster enough focus & energy to figure out my next move and put the foundations in place to enter 2019 with a clear perspective on what I want to achieve.

You can listen to a podcast regarding the sale of the website on Niche Pursuits here.

Business Goals for 2018

Below are the goals I set for myself in 2018 – in 2019 I will make it an objective to conduct quarterly reviews of the year’s goals because looking back now, I can see that throughout the year things changed, perspectives and mindsets as well as external factors which had a major effect on some of my goals for the year.

Organisational Structure & Accounting (2018 goals)

  • Launch a property development/investment company
  • Launch a stocks & shares investment company
  • Setup company pension and carry forward
  • Setup personal ISA
  • Choose accounting firm and additional agents to work with

It was vitally important for me to set up a pension in 2018, not only to protect my future but also from a tax perspective it allowed me to reduce my corporation tax bill for the year. The process of setting up a SIPP (self-invested personal pension) is extremely simple, however, there is a lot of spiel which makes things a little confusing. On top of that, you really need to do some research around the fees that these companies charge as not all are upfront and clear. In the end I chose Interactive Investor as my SIPP platform, however, I am yet to create an investment plan for my pension funds.

I set up a personal ISA to ensure that I could take advantage of the £20,000 personal stocks and shares allowance that UK citizens are currently allowed to invest with tax-free gains.

Finally, I managed to choose an accounting firm to handle all of my business accounts. I am very happy with the accountant I chose and whilst he is my accountant I also regard him as a close associate with which I am sure there will be several opportunities for us to work together and invest together in future businesses.

The two goals I didn’t complete, I didn’t intend on completing as things changed over the course of the year. I realised that after purchasing my own property, launching a property company wasn’t something I wanted to do, at least for the time being. The process of purchasing a property is very archaic and for someone who is used to making their money online, I imagine I’d end up going a little mental. As for the stocks and shares company, I quickly realised I have very little experience in this sector, so launching a company without focusing a significant proportion of my own time in this sector would be a stupid move. Having said that, it is an area I am keen on learning, as I create more wealth, I will need to know and understand more about how to invest it.

Financials (2018 goals)

  • Amazon Associates UK & USA I am aiming for £35,000 per month.
  • Third party affiliate programs related to my niche/authority websites of £15,000 per month.

If you have already read what I wrote above then you will probably have expected to hear that I failed on the financial front for 2018. There really is no reason for this, other than I simply did not try, as mentioned earlier I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and didn’t have the motivation to pursue these goals.

Cryptocurrency Market (2018 goals)

  • Mining – to generate at least £5,000 per month in passive income
  • Investing – to invest at least £50,000 throughout 2018 and achieve a 25% growth
  • Master nodes – to set up at least one master node

A great example of why I need to do quarterly reviews, the Cryptocurrency market took a massive shit in 2018 and therefore these goals and this area of business took a back step. I turned off my mining rig as it wasn’t breaking even after the crypto market fell and fortunately, I didn’t invest any additional capital into cryptocurrencies.

Amazon Associates & Affiliate Business (2018 goals)

  • To hit £10,000 per month in revenue from Amazon Associates UK
  • To hit £25,000 per month in revenue from Amazon Associates US
  • Launch at least one niche site built entirely by myself, no outsourcing, all content creation completed by me with products purchased and tested by myself.

With the ups and downs of 2018, I did manage to muster enough energy to launch a new affiliate website focusing on the UK market and began to purchase and review products myself. The website is still live and whilst it had an energetic launch, things have slowed down over the past few months. The website currently generates approximately £75 – £100 in commission per month and is growing organically, but very slowly. However, it is a focus of 2019 so this will grow.

As for the other two goals, well we know I didn’t complete those 🙂

One Mans Brand (2018 goals)

  • Post at least once per month on OMB
  • The Amazon Affiliate Course / Mastermind / Mentoring

This is another example of how my priorities and focuses shifted throughout 2018 – I was too busy driving my Porsche and riding my motorbike!

Personal Lifestyle Goals

Fitness & Health (2018 goals)

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water per day
  • Create a strict diet
  • Reduce body fat to just 12%

For the majority of 2018, I drank bottled water which I ordered from Amazon Pantry in bulk each month (120+ bottles per month). Towards the end of the year, I found out about Virgin Pure and had a water machine fitted in my kitchen, so now I can have ice cold and boiling hot filtered water instantly, it’s a neat device and reminds me of what the majority of households have in South Korea.

I didn’t create a strict diet, I did begin using HelloFresh for my evening meals though and now 6+ months on I am very happy that I did. The meals are fantastic, easy enough to cook, creative enough that they don’t bore you and large enough to satisfy most appetites. Along with a routine breakfast which usually consists of oatmeal or a protein shake, it is only lunch time where I don’t have a specific plan but in most cases, I will eat either a bagel or a burrito.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get back into a gym routine and whilst I didn’t snack too much or drink excessively (for the most part) I haven’t reduced my body fat, so this is one for 2019.

Lifestyle (2018 goals)

  • Read at least 1 book per month
  • Travel to 12 new countries
  • Attend at least two classical concerts
  • Go to at least one music festival
  • Continue playing the guitar

I failed to read 1 book per month, actually thinking about it – I don’t think I read 1 book in 2018 entirely. My issue is I always find something else to do, whether it be driving, riding my motorbike, watching films, vacuuming my apartment or playing games, I am obviously not a bookworm. In 2019 though, I will try my best to give my eyes a rest from looking at a computer screen and read books, need to research how I can get this routine to stick.

I failed to travel to 12 new countries, in fact, I am not sure I went to any new countries. I did travel to South Korea and a few places within the UK but most of my time was spent on going through the property purchasing ordeal and then actually moving in, furnishing and making my ‘house a home‘ (or in my case my apartment a home) so I am not too bothered that I wasn’t able to complete this goal.

I attended one concert, Nils Frahm which was fantastic and I did plan to go and see another Olafur Arnolds but he was playing in Manchester when I was on holiday in South Korea. As for the music festivals, honestly trying to get tickets here in the UK for one of the major music festivals is hard work…so much so I just gave up. I’ve continued to play the guitar but I haven’t really spent time learning new music, something I really, really need to do if I want to develop my guitar skills.

Milestone Rewards (2018 goals)

Porsche 718 Cayman S

Porsche 718 Cayman S

  • Purchase my first Rolex
  • Purchase my first Porsche
  • Purchase my first property

Well, this is the only category in which I actually achieved everything – kind of. I didn’t purchase a Rolex, instead, I bought a Jaeger LeCoultre, when I was window shopping one day I just found the perfect watch and bought that. I have my name down for a Rolex GMT Master II but I am yet to receive it.

After months and months of deliberation, I finally bought the perfect Porsche, it is a Porsche 718 Cayman S in Miami Blue with the majority of upgrades you can have. It took a very long time to find the right Porsche with the right specification, but I am extremely happy with this car.

Finally, I purchased my first property – what began as a complete farce, the archaic purchasing system and ridiculous hoops that some banks make you jump through to prove you can afford the mortgage. I decided to go through a mortgage broker and things were very, very easy – once I had chosen the property, the longest process was the lease and legal side of things. In the end, everything went through and I moved into my apartment in late June 2018.

To conclude 2018 I will say that I feel I am in a better place for beginning 2019 – whilst I don’t believe that 2018 was a significantly productive year, I will reflect on the years and years of hard work and effort I have dedicated to getting myself to this position. From age 15 I have been learning anything and everything there is to know about online marketing and with years of persistence, it has finally begun to pay off. I’ve spent the past few years living a comfortable life earning a six-figure passive income and was finally able to hit seven figures in 2018. That alone is worthy of being a successful year.

2019 Goals

So, lets now get on to my 2019 goals. For this year, I am going to ensure that I come back to this page every month when writing my monthly goals so I can be sure that the monthly goals and weekly tasks I plan are helping me get closer to achieving my goals for the year.

New Business

  • To hit 500,000 unique visitors per month by December 2019
  • To hit £50,000 in revenue per month by December 2019

In early 2019 I am launching a new online brand which I have very high expectations for. The brand will be part of a new limited company which sits within my group of companies and this new company will focus on one specific industry. From launch, the company will be located in central Manchester office space and have a dedicated team to help grow the brand including content writers, product testers, editors and digital designers.

I am very excited by the launch of this new business, whilst it follows the traditional affiliate marketing business model. We will be doing many things most other affiliate businesses currently do not offer or provide their readers with. Not only that, but I am actually a consumer in this market and very passionate and interested in this industry.

Other Business

There are other areas of my business which I will be working on in 2019 but unfortunately, I can’t create any goals for them specifically as I am not yet sure what these are. I am in a fortunate position to have a sizeable amount of liquid capital which I will create an investment strategy for which may or may not include stocks and share investments, property investments, external investments or something completely different – this is a new area for me.


  • To hit £50,000 in revenue per month by December 2019

Whilst monetary goals alone won’t be enough to motivate me, they still have some power, especially when paired with a specific purchase, whether it be a Mclaren 600LT or purchasing a country house. After looking at what I have planned for 2019, what I am currently working on and what I am launching very soon I’ve come to the figure of £50,000 revenue per month by December 2019.

This is a realistic figure, however, it won’t be achieved without a significant amount of effort, mixed with a bit of luck and some damn good marketing campaigns. The £50,000 target is part of a ‘bigger picture’ strategy to launch and grow a business to then exit in several years for several million.

I have a personal target of hitting £10,000,000 by 35, so I have just over 6 years left to accomplish that.


  • Continue drinking 2 litres of water per day and continue to structure my breakfast and dinners
  • Get back to the gym, work on a routine for going to the gym at least 3 days per week with the goal of reducing body fat and increasing general fitness levels

I want to improve my fitness levels as I do think this has fatigued in the past 12-18 months. I honestly think if I can get back into a routine where I am going to the gym 3-5 times per week it will not only help my health but also my business (healthy body, healthy mind and all that). I’ve reached out to a personal training company based near my apartment, they are not cheap but the results seem to speak for themselves, so I will set up a meeting in January and potentially begin a 12-week course with them.

Social & Networking

  • Go to at least 1 networking event each month
  • Attend at least one marketing conference outside of the UK
  • Meetup with at least one of my mastermind buddies (you know who you are)

I want to try and network more – I did begin 2018 positively from this perspective but I let it slip throughout the year. In 2019 I want to aim to attend at least one networking event each month and make more effort to schedule time for meeting like-minded individuals at different stages of business.

I am also looking at attending a marketing conference this year, probably an affiliate marketing conference either in South East Asia or Las Vegas. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

In 2018 my mastermind buddies and I had planned to meet up in Australia, however, that fell through – so I am making it a goal in 2019 to meet up with at least one of them.


  • Learn how to invest my SIPP (currently, £160,000 invested)
  • Begin to learn the Piano

This year I need to learn more about investing in stocks and shares as well as personal wealth management. I’ve bought a few books which have been recommended to me and I will also connect with several professionals in the field of wealth management and investing to learn from and potentially hire.

I’ve wanted to learn to play the piano for many years, but never felt like it was the right time. I now feel like I can begin learning the piano, so I will purchase a piano and either get a teacher to come to my home or begin teaching myself or both!


Now I am living in Manchester city centre, it has become quite apparent that we have a huge issue with housing those who are desperately in need. I want to work with organisations that support the homeless in Manchester and try to figure out if there is anything I can do, with my knowledge and time to help solve some of the issues surrounding the homeless. Therefore, in 2019 I will reach out and connect with the relevant organisations and work alongside them and volunteer for them. I am hoping I can do more than just volunteering, so watch this space.

  • Partner with Manchester homeless shelters
  • Volunteer and work with the homeless in Manchester
  • Donate to Manchester homeless shelters

Milestone & Fun Rewards

mclaren 600lt

Mclaren 600LT

  • Buy another sports car (Ariel Atom, McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche GT)
  • Buy another watch (Rolex or Franck Muller)
  • Go to at least 4 track days this year (using my Porsche or Ariel Atom or Motorbike)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am especially looking forward for the blog posts, hopefully you can accomplish that 🙂

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