Potential Course/Mastermind Update

I’ve been doing some significant thinking after the response I got on FB when I asked if anyone would be interested in a private FB group / live case study thing. Well, I’ve almost come to a decision and before you go on and read, let me just highlight that it will be significantly limited (20-25 people) and priced quite high. I just want to tell people this now before you continue reading as my original post on FB never mentioned a price or limited spaces.
Initially, I am looking at doing a private mastermind for 20-25 people, all of which would need vetting (not sure how yet) to ensure they’re action takers and not time wasters.
In the mastermind, they’d get access to one live case study (happening in real time) as well as the data/results for two additional case studies which would follow the exact same strategy but these last two would be private (again in real time).
The mastermind would officially last 6 months and would include:
Private FB Group
Skype Mastermind and potentially weekly calls (or hangouts which could also be recorded for those who can’t make it)
Video Recordings of the entire process as well as access to the first case study site so you can see how I set up the site, design, layout e.t.c
A few Q&A:
Why only 20-25 people? I want to be able to work with these people directly and I can’t work with more than this, it would be too crazy.
Why make the last two sites private? The wrong question, it’s more a case of ‘why three?’ well, there is strength in numbers, I know by now that not every site is a success so by doing three sites I am increasing the chances that one of them is a success.
What’s the end goal? For the case studies, it’d be that one of the sites hits $500 a month. For the members, it would be that they hit their goals (which we can discuss together prior to beginning). This could be going from $1k to $2.5k or starting a new site and hitting $500 or multiplying conversion rates by xx% or growing a site by $xxx
As well as this, it’s knowledge – everyone does things differently, I am not the best but I’ve done pretty good. I’d say my strengths lie in finding markets, setting up sites and on-page optimization (both SEO and conversion rate) and my weaknesses are off page SEO – so for anyone looking for awesome link building strategies, then I am definitely not the person to listen to ;D
Now for the not so fun part…price
This is difficult for me, it needs to be a figure that is both affordable for some, but also consciously seen as an investment – I won’t be accepting just anyone, at the end of the day this is the first time I will be doing something like this so I need members who take action, I want members who take action, I don’t want anyone who is simply going to read and then not act. That’s partially why I want to do things via FB and Skype, it’s more interactive and allows me to catch up with people to see how they’re doing.
Also, as this is the first time I am doing this – I need you to take action, as I need you to be successful, if I ever want to do something like this in the future I need the members to see results and that won’t happen unless you take action.

So, the price – it would be around $1,000 for the entire time, I think this is a good price for beginners who are ready to take things seriously and also those who have maybe tried and failed and maybe have one or two sites hitting a few hundred per month. This probably wouldn’t be for those making mid four figures plus per month, sure you would be able to see how I do things and probably apply that to your own sites, but I’d just be worried you might not get enough out of it.

If you are interested, even at this price point – then please comment below (interested) and if you have any questions then again fire away below, this is not a 100% confirmed plan, still building the idea and would love for everyone’s feedback.


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