Niche Site Journal – Revenue Update – Month 8

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As part of the Niche Site Journal I have begun recording the monthly performance of revenue, organic traffic and SERPs and will begin to publish these here for everyone to see.

Revenue Performance

I’ve been monitoring the revenue from Amazon, monthly since the website launched in March/April 2016. I would recommend that everyone does this, it helps to track your success, makes forecasting and investing easier and lastly it will help if and when you come to sell the web property.

OK let’s dig into the details for October 2016:

Amazon Niche Site - Monthly Revenue October 2016

As I mentioned last month I was expecting to hit $100 in commission in October, well I absolutely smashed it with $165.83 in revenue! Now you would expect this huge increase to be the results of a significant increase in traffic, well that’s what you would assume but it’s not. To be honest organic traffic only increased by 10.08% MOM, whereas revenue jumped from $69.81 to $165.83 an increase of 137%!

If traffic wasn’t the cause of the revenue increase then what was?

The answer is conversion rates.

September’s conversion rate was 13.43% which is pretty damn awesome, but October was just mental…30.99%!

That is the one and only reason for the increase in revenue. Aside from that the additional 10% organic traffic might of helped slightly this month, but really it comes down to the conversion rates.

What did I do to improve the conversion rate?


I’d love to say I did this and this and this, but in all honesty nothing drastic was done.

Last month I spent very little time doing anything on the site from an on-page perspective, I removed the featured images as they were simply too big and I also added a schema plugin to help add the review bar to my organic positions, nothing that would directly impact the conversion rates, or at least by 100%.

What I have just noticed though is that my pages do not have comparison tables…I know, wtf! I forgot -_- so this will be on the task list for this month!

August vs. September Organic Traffic Performance

Next, let’s compare the performance of impressions and clicks MOM.

September – Search Console Performance

amazon affiliate site organic traffic proof

October – Search Console Performance

amazon affiliate site organic traffic proof

Once again very consistent traffic month to month, no huge gains to be seen. As we mentioned previously a small 10% increase in organic traffic is all we achieved in October, however, we do have quite a few keywords starting to balance between page 1 and page 2.

That’s all for this month, just a quick revenue update. I will be working on the table comparisons, schema and meta descriptions throughout this month and hopefully we will hit at least $150 again this month.

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