How to choose the right product at the right price?

If you are in the process of finding a lucrative, low competition market for your first (or your next) Amazon Associates website then please consider the following statement.

There is no difference between selling a product at $50 and selling a product at $500 other than the commission you receive.

The reason I want you to think about this is because the commission you will generate from a $50 product vs a $500 product is significantly different, yet the market research, competition and overall process of getting the user from Google to your website and then through to Amazon is exactly the same.

I’ve made a quick 8 minute video below which discusses this in more detail and provides an example of what I am talking about. You can watch it right here:

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Product Selection

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If you disagree or you have experience that says otherwise then please share it. As an affiliate marketeer I can only base things on my own experiences and of those that share their experiences with me.

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